Hello! Thank you for stumbling across my website and taking an interest in it! This post is going to be a more of a personal note than commentary because I need to tell you about what’s happening with my life (and this website) for the next three weeks. So for those of you not aware, I’m currently studying abroad at Swansea University in Wales. It’s absolutely beautiful in Swansea and I’m having a wonderful time. One of the awesome things about Swansea (and the UK college education system) is that I have a spring break that is three weeks long. What does an American do when she’s living in the United Kingdom and has a three week spring break? She visits the main continent of Europe, of course! I’m beyond excited, but this means I’ll be unable to post blog updates for the next three weeks. Instead, I’ve created a website where I’ll upload my favorite photos whenever I have internet so check out Morgan’s Spring Break 2013. Currently, I just have a map of where I’m going, but I’ll add more as I go places!

Proposed Route for Spring Break 2013

Should you be compelled to ask yourself, “Where in the world is Morgan Bakies?” sometime over the next three weeks, I have an answer for you:

  • March 25: London, United Kingdom
  • March 26: Pompeii, Italy
  • March 27-28: Rome, Italy (including: Holy Thursday mass with the Pope!)
  • March 29: Venice, Italy
  • March 30-31: Prague, Czech Republic
  • April 1-3: Berlin, Germany
  • April 4: Paris, France
  • April 5-7: Mont St. Michel and Loire Valley Chateaux Tour, France
  • April 8-10: Strasbourg, France
  • April 11-13: Brussels, Belgium

So please, keep an eye on my iOS website for pictures of some of the coolest places Europe has to offer and live vicariously through me. When I come back, I’ll tell you all about European cities and how beautiful they are. In the meantime, please pray for everyone traveling, including myself, to be safe and enjoy this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to continue writing and sharing my thoughts with you when I come back to Swansea. Have a wonderful next three weeks, internet! See you soon!

PS: I just downloaded a really cool app that lets me turn my photos into postcards. If you send me a request for a certain photo and your address, I’ll do my best to get a picture for you and send it to you! See how to contact me under “Start”.

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