Greetings from Michigan!

That’s right, I just completed my sixth move in 3 years. On Friday after my last final, I packed up my apartment in Urbana, Illinois. On Saturday, we left at 6 am to drive through Ohio so I could (finally) renew my driver’s license then continued up to northern Michigan. After dropping all of my boxes in my room, I soon left to go back to Ohio and visit my family for less than 24 hours before returning to Michigan on Sunday. Quite the turnaround, right? But I do have exciting news about all this moving business: 1.) I’m living closer to my family now than I have since leaving for university! 2) I GOT A NEW CAR AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL. (Because I needed it for work!)

2014-05-18 13.12.40

My new car: a Chevy Cruze 2014!! (This is the first vehicle I’ve ever owned personally. I’ve never actually had my own car.)

So now that I’m settled in Michigan, I started my internship with Dow Corning on Monday. It’s only been three days, but I can already tell it’s going to be a great summer and that I’m going to learn so much. My head is currently spinning a little bit from all the chemical processes I’ve learned the past few days and that’s a good thing! In addition to work, I’ve also been spending time getting to know my roommates. I really do miss my roommates from Illinois right now, but I feel very blessed to have three beautiful women to live and get to know this summer. And this morning, one of my roommates reminded me of a reason why I love engineering.

My joy of engineering is: not wearing pant suits!

All summer, I’ll be working as a manufacturing engineering intern at Dow Corning on a specific unit. One of my roommates is a marketing intern so she’ll actually be working in the Corporate Center all summer wearing business clothing. I think marketing is incredibly important and a necessity in any chemical company. That’s just honestly not my thing. My first day at work, I ended my day walking around my unit in business casual clothing with heels. True engineering in the work force doesn’t happen in a suit. You need to be able to get dirty while crawling through equipment, climbing up 50 feet in the air to check a bad pressure gauge, testing samples in a lab, walk around inspecting your unit, etc.

On my second day of work, my operator stopped by my office and told me he was happy to see me wearing jeans to work. Why? Because I looked ready to do really get to work. There is definitely a time and place in my line of work where I need to wear a suit, but I’m happy that I can wear jeans to work most days. It means that I’m ready for whatever work I have that day whether it’s sitting in meetings or exploring my unit getting to know a new chemical process. I’m so excited for work this summer. I became an engineer to develop new technology which would continue advancing technology and making the world a better place. I think Dow Corning will really empower me to do this every day. All I can do is thank the people like my CHEM 203 TA who first told me about Dow Corning and my recruiters who have given me this fantastic opportunity.

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