Hello! Happy Thursday! This is going to be a short post because I have 2 midterms and group project between now and Monday so I probably won’t write anything until later next week (classes end Wednesday and finals start a week from tomorrow). I do have an announcement though! I have been hired by Admissions to write blog articles for prospective Illinois students! So next year I’ll be writing a post or two for the Admissions blog every week. I’m excited! Now that I shared that news, I’d like to talk about my joy for the day…

My joy of engineering is: my sister.

It’s been hard to be living in another state and see my family so infrequently. It’s even more difficult when I’m so busy that I don’t have as much time to talk to them as I would like. But my sister Hannah? She gets it. She understands that I’m busy and calls me persistently (even while I’m in class) until she gets a hold of me so she can tell me about her week. She supports me and encourages me in everything I do. I just spent over an hour talking to her on the phone instead of studying for my midterm tomorrow and I wouldn’t change a thing. A major joy of engineering is that engineering makes you appreciate the people who are there for you despite the craziness of school and life. When you’re busy and stressed, you need people to keep cheering you on to keep going and being the best you can be. So thank you, Hannah Bakies, for being an amazing sister. I love you, miss you, and can’t wait to see you on May 17.

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