Hello! So I wanted to start actually writing blog posts earlier than this, but Firefox has been giving me 404 errors whenever I tried to access my website. A little bit of troubleshooting and a few cleared histories later, I’m finally able to write my first post for my “The Joys of Engineering” series which I will be abbreviating JoE. Why? Because it looks like JOY!

My joy of engineering today was: Being a person.

A few weeks ago, I had 4 engineering exams in the same week. It was not a fun experience, but I survived! At the end of the week, I felt more like a “brain on a stick” regurgitating information than I did a person with thoughts and feelings because that’s what my professors expected of me.

Today, I had brunch with a friend (and fellow engineering student). We barely talked about engineering the whole time. It was refreshing! When you live with three other engineers, it seems like engineering and classes are the only two subjects that come up with. It was refreshing to spend the morning with Bill talking about life, God, the future, our families, etc. just catching up with a good friend. I’m so busy with the end of the semester that I really appreciated the respite from studies and extracurricular activities.

2013-02-15 14.16.58

Breakfast in the UK. Because no matter where you are, breakfast is important. And it’s always more fun in good company. (I plan on inserting random, semi-relevant photos into JoE posts for fun. Enjoy!)

In the afternoon, I also had the opportunity to meet with Michael Loui, who’s a professor on campus specializing in engineering education. I loved hearing about his journey from Hawaii to the Midwest to become a scholar in computer engineering to become the editor-in-chief of the Journal for Engineering Education. In return for hearing about his path, he listened to my journey as a student and gave me advice on my future career as I look beyond my own graduation next year. He gave me advice and tips on my future which I sincerely appreciated. Not all of my professors are so open with me. Talking to Professor Loui today was a joy and also very beneficial to my future.

In order to find joy in engineering, I think, as a student, I have to go beyond the day-to-day work of being a chemical engineering undergraduate student. I want to be more than a GPA. I want to be a person. So when you have an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with other people (who may or may not be engineers) like this, you find a joy of engineering.


  1. I total agree with you Morgan! Breakfast is always important and it gives you more than just energy but also joy if you are having it with friends!

    Maybe I should go and find the joy in PhD although I got 6 months left 😛

    Send my love to Lindseyxx

    • Breakfast food is the best food! And yes, I appreciate my friends, wherever they are in the world. Good luck with finishing your thesis and the rest of your education! You’re so close! And Lindsey sends her love as well, of course.

      Thanks Dom! We’re thinking of you from across the pond! xxx

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