So it’s been about a week since my last post and I have an essay that counts for my whole final grade of my British Culture and Politics since 1945 that is due in less than a week… so that means it’s the perfect time for a new blog post! (Mom and Dad, don’t worry. I promise that the essay will be started finished soon!) Anyways, let’s talk about fun things!
With my pre-sessional class, we went to the city of Bath this past weekend for most of Saturday. If you love old English novels, then you’ll recognize Bath to be the town where characters in novels would visit on vacation and always seemed to adore. Trust me, they were right to love it. Bath is also the home of one old English novel writer: Jane Austen!
The first thing we did upon arrival was meander over to the Roman baths and take a self-guided tour. Bath was built over two thousand years ago by the Romans around the hot springs of Bath as a recreational and religious center. So imagine having a super popular recreational center and a super popular church right next to each other and that was Bath thousands of years ago. It’s amazing how much of the ruins are intact and they did a great job of maintaining the original buildings while showing what the baths would have looked like in their prime during the second and third century A.D. There was also a separate chamber that’s been untouched since it was built with a private pool to the god Solena that the baths were built to worship. Looking at them was like looking at a window into the past.
After walking with the Romans, we went to the Pump House, one of the oldest tea rooms in Bath. This was where Jane Austen might have had tea way back when. We had tea in a grand room seated very close to a live pianist who serenaded us for one very lovely hour. And by having tea, I mean we received a pot of loose leaf tea (English Breakfast, a personal favorite!), a strainer, a pot of hot water, a small pitcher of cream and a bowl of the largest sugar cubes I have ever seen. Sam and I absolutely adored it. I don’t think I stopped smiling for the rest of the day after having such a glorious cup of tea.
Finishing tea with Jane Austen, we visited Bath Abbey, a massive old church. I can’t even tell you how beautiful it was and took about a thousand pictures. I have always had a fascination with churches and I can’t wait to see more throughout my stay in the UK and travels throughout Europe. Bath Abbey was simply magnificent and I’ll leave it at that because words truly cannot describe it.
Next, we decided to simply wander the streets of Bath and walk into a few shops. The Jane Austen Center was unfortunately closed, but we do want to go back to Bath at some point and continue exploring the lovely city.
Aside from Bath, there has not been that much going on. It snowed again last week which means everything in Swansea simply stopped because we got an inch of snow. The buses stopped running and people kind of freaked out. On the bright side, the snow made everything including my walk in the student village from my flat absolutely beautiful.
We signed up for classes this past Friday which was stressful because not as classes worked out as we would have liked. But everything is okay now and I’m content with how things ended up. I should be learning a lot this semester and it will be really interesting. After signing up for classes, we were invited to have wine with the professors and our dean which was quite strange. In America, colleges strive to remain so unattached to alcohol that it’s really quite odd to have alcohol ingrained within the university at such a high level. At least it was classy? Still, not something I’m used to and I’m not really sure what I think.
For now, I think I’ll simply stick to my classes which started yesterday. We’re in class quite a bit less here (only a couple hours a day!), so it’ll be nice to have free time, get involved with societies (AKA clubs to Americans) here in Swansea, and (of course!) travel. I hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start!


  1. That’s awesome that you saw Bath! In high school we read Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, and I had to act, write, and dress up as the Wife of Bath.
    And that cup of tea you described sounded glorious.

  2. It’s definitely worth a visit! You would love it! If you’re in Germany all summer, you’ll have to visit Vienna because they’re famous for their coffeehouses, another wonderful hot beverage. =]

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