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Exploring Oystermouth Castle in Wales while studying abroad last spring.

I’m really happy you found my little corner of the internet today and I hope you can spend some time perusing some of the content.

What’s this website about?

In Fall 2012, I discovered my passion for engineering education. Since then, I’ve been trying to spread my ideas and connect with other people who care about education (whether it’s their education, their children’s education, their students’ education, etc.). My primary method currently forming new relationships is blogging. So if you like what you see, please comment on posts, find me on Twitter, email me with the form at the end of this post, send me some carrier pigeons, anything!

My primary subject of research is myself and my own education both in the United States and the United Kingdom. Currently, I’m studying three different topics, which are subject of my blog posts. In order to read more about me as a person, you can click “Start.” at the top of the page. Otherwise, I highly recommend checking out one of three subjects I’m currently writing about:

  • Engineering Education. General observations on engineering and how it’s taught to people of all ages with a focus on undergraduate education, including case studies, stories, and insight from an undergraduate’s perspective.
  • Woman in Engineering. Tidbits from the life a woman in a male-dominated field with stories from my life and personal feeling, to be turned into an autoethnography after completing my undergraduate education.
  • Leadership. Profiling observations, lessons learned, tips, and tricks on being a successful leader in all aspects of life: school, organizations and work.

Polymer creation in my freshman chemistry lab.

I am not a professional. I am a student. So I’m going to be honest and blunt by telling stories of things how I see it and I’m going to get some things wrong because I’m human. You won’t always agree with me, but that’s okay. All opinions are my own and not meant to reflect those of my school, employer, friends, etc. My goal is to make people critically evaluate engineering education instead of completing that homework assignment tomorrow mindlessly. I’m also open and always willing to talk to people, hear new ideas, and discuss your passions. Thus, I invite you read, subscribe, share and connect with me and people in your own life as you consider engineering education and the world around you. Thank you so much and happy reading!

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